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Season 1

FNDN is the latest company launched by serial entrepreneur Travis Lemanski. A veteran of the action sports industry, Travis cut his teeth as a product marketer in the paintball industry. As a professional athlete, he worked for one of the largest companies in the industry to build a brand behemoth. He went on to found a professional team that he would later convert from a brand into a business generating revenue through products and licensing deals. His latest startup is focused on solving problems in the active-lifestyle space, specifically around cold weather sports.

In this episode, we speak with Travis Lemanski about how he got started in the wearable technology space and what the future holds for this brand and his product mix. We discuss how he has been able to launch so many successful brands and product lines. Travis shares his perspective on how brands can succeed and what it takes to establish a base of raving fans and brand advocates.

You can find FNDN (pronounced 'Foundation') at

Follow them on Instagram at @fndndetroit

Building brand equity in wearable tech through quality products.

Ep. 07

Handup Gloves isn't exactly a household brand, but they have discovered a way to use that to their advantage. When a husband and wife team set out to develop their own line of cycling gloves, they learned very quickly that they would have to be agile and unique to beat the giants in the cycling industry.

In this episode, we talk with Jamie Wallis and Troy Stewart of Handup Gloves to hear how they have been able to grow the Handup brand and amass a following of avid fans and customers. We learn how they have used story telling to connect with their audience and how they have involved their customers in the strategic growth of the company.

You can find Handup Gloves at

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As promised, Frat Boy Troy:

How a cycling glove brand uses agility and story telling to beat industry giants.

Web Hosting

Ep. 06

Sorter is a tech startup looking to make neuromarketing more accessible to marketers. Their AI platform is the first of its kind to take large amounts of customer data, cross reference massive data sources, and make personalized messaging recommendations for your marketing. In this episode, we speak with Will Ballance, co-founder and CEO of Sorter, to learn more about what neuromarketing is, how brands can segment their database around personality behaviors, and make a more personalized experience for each person in their database.  

Learn more at  

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Personalizing marketing messaging using neuromarketing.


Ep. 05

Shoelace has written the book on customer journey retargeting (seriously, they have a 54-page slide deck). They've also written the code to make customer journey retargeting easier and more effective than ever for ecommerce brands.

In this episode, we sit down with Reza Khadjavi, co-founder and CEO of Shoelace, to discuss how they look at a customer journey and how to effectively retarget your customers based on their buyer's journey. Reza shares what cues to look for in the journey, and how you can personalize the messaging to take the customer one step closer to purchase. 

Learn how some of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer brands are leveraging the Shoelace platform to supercharge their retargeting efforts.

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Using customer journey retargeting to improve your conversion rates.

Ep. 04

Apprelmark was started after Cara Sumpton spent eight years as a technical apparel designer at Lululemon. Today, Apparelmark offers turn-key apparel and technical gear design and manufacturing services for startups and many large brands in the activewear and outdoor space.

In this episode, we talk with Andrew Drigola, Director & Co-founder at Apparelmark, about how they help apparel and technical gear brands make quality products effectively and efficiently. 

Learn how they can help brands find the best materials and the most qualified factories to ensure that you launch quality products and can scale confidently.

Learn more at

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Hear how a Lululemon design veteran saw an opening in the apparel industry and created a turn-key solution for fashion and apparel.

Ep. 03 started out in the most unassuming way and grew quickly into a darling startup that attracted an industry veteran. This cigar subscription service put a new spin on a huge industry.

In this episode, we hear from Jeff Zeiders, CEO of, about how he took a quick idea from concept to launch and identified his core customers. 

Learn how he uses personalization to make his business model more unique than competitors, the challenges this presents, and how he overcomes them.

Learn more at

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Learn how a cigar subscription service uses personalization to build brand loyalty.

Web Hosting

Ep. 02

Bearded Goat started as a small apparel brand sold out of the trunk of the founder's car. In a few years, they have repositioned themselves to be an experience brand that offers more than just clothes. 

In this episode, we will learn how they have built a tribe of campus brand reps and leverage micro-influencers to help them grow and scale their brand. 

We will also find out why any successful active-lifestyle brand is always evolving, and you never really know for sure what the future holds for your brand. The ability for you to pivot and evolve is crucial. Bearded Goat is a shining example of how to make pivots and propel to the next level.

Learn more about Bearded Goat at

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A young apparel brand focuses to find clarity and uses micro influencers to scale.


Ep. 01

Fit Body Boot Camp is one of the fastest growing franchises in the boutique fitness category. They are #122 on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 Rankings and have experience +100% growth in units in the last three years. We sit down with one of their top franchise owners to talk about how he and his team are outperforming even their own peer Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owners.

Josh Foster is a long-time personal trainer who was presented the opportunity to join a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise as an integral team member and a key to strategic growth. Shortly after, he would become a co-owner of the second area location and would go on to help those two franchises skyrocket their membership numbers. 

You can follow both of Josh's Fit Body Boot Camps on Facebook at:

You can stop in to visit Josh and even get some free classes:

Creating a customer experience that builds 

a community.

Ep. 08

If you live in the U.S., there's a good chance you've seen a Facebook ad for Blenders Eyewear. Their ads reached over 200 million users last year alone, and this focus on digital advertising has fueled their growth. But it hasn't always been that way. Blenders achieved traction in the early days through good ol' fashioned guerrilla marketing and face-to-face interactions. While Blenders is seemingly ubiquitous across Facebook today, it hasn't always been like that—It took years of hustle and grind to break through to the next level

We sit down with Chase Fisher, the founder and owner of Blenders Eyewear, to talk about his relentless focus on brand experience, user experience, and the future of retail brands. He shares how small wins over an eight-year period kept him going and allowed him to achieve the success he is seeing today. He shares insights from startup to scaling, and what brand should know going into each phase of their growth.

You can find Blenders Eyewear at

Follow them on Instagram at @blenderseyewear

Scaling an ecommerce sunglass brand using Facebook ads.

Ep. 09


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Jarrett McCraw is the co-founder of Mighty, an agency that works exclusively with active-lifestyle brands to help them accelerate growth. Jarrett has an extensive background in working with and starting companies in the action sports category and has helped over 30 active-lifestyle brands implement the same framework.

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